Components of our CCTV systems

Starlight function boosts light sensitivity x3

Infrared light up to 250 meters

Protection when displaying bright objects

Line crossing catching

Zone motion detection

Face detection


Wide voltage

Impact Protection

Corridor mode

Remote control

Viewing angle up to 360°


Frequently asked questions

First of all, you need to choose the type of camera. It depends on the installation location (indoors or outdoors). Next, the focal length is selected depending on required viewing range. The image is sharper when zooming if the camera has more megapixels. You also need to think about whether you need a microphone and which viewing angle is right.

When setting up the system, a motion recording is default set. If necessary, our specialists set up scheduled recording or permanent recording. Note that constant recording to the NVR hard disk reduces the archive storage faster.

We offer apropriate number when inspecting an object. Usually, clients choose strategy for monitoring important points: entrances, exits, parking spaces, safes / cash registers. It is difficult to avoid blind spots especcialy in complex architectural features, but this is not importaint if strategically important locations are monitored.

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